My name is Becky Kozak, I’m 22 years old and I’m a chef. I’m absolutely completely obsessed with food.


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I am passionate about food, cooking, and eating. I can watch hours upon hours of Masterchef or other junky food TV just to try and soak up more knowledge. Cookbooks are my bibles, and baking is my escape. I spend most of my day (12+ hours) in the kitchen getting paid, and most of my free time (1-3 hours) in the kitchen for fun. I’m on a mission to change the world, one plate at a time.

I have the name of my autobiography picked out, I’m constantly writing notes of ideas and projects to try. I’m a big thinker, always looking at the big picture, but I delight in the details, even though they’re often my downfall. I love spending early mornings or late nights in the gym, typically with a nerdy food podcast or TED talks in my ears.

I love travelling the world, and am currently living a 14 hour plane ride from home. I love finding inspiration in everything around and I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to meet so many incredible, loving, and motivating people in my travels who have become and will be some of my best friends from around the world.

I’m hindered by my lack of confidence and my perfectionist nature. I eat KFC because making my own fried chicken could result in disaster and god forbid embarrassment. I push myself to achieve more and more, and then forget to share my successes (and failures) with the world because I doubt myself and my accomplishments. I love making friends, so feel free to say hi!


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