3 Weeks in Whistler

I officially gave my notice at work. 21 days until I’m done. Done with the beautiful, wonderful, glorious place that I haven’t been enjoying.

So, in the next 3 weeks I’m going to spend my time in Whistler like a tourist. Like I’m on vacation. I’m going to see if I can jam pack everything I missed in the first couple months into one epic stretch.

  1. Go Bungee Jumping
  2. Snowboard, snowboard, snowboard!
  3. Vancouver Canucks Game
  4. Bobsleigh adventure
  5. Eat at Araxi
  6. Whistler Olympic Park
  7. Train Wreck
  8. Snowboard!
  9. Nairn Falls
  10. Eat at Barefoot Bistro
  11. Pub Crawl
  12. Peak to Peak Gondola
  13. Ice Skating
  14. Brandywine Falls
  15. Scandinave Spa
  16. Swedish Apres
  17. Eat at Grillroom
  18. Snowboard!
  19. Alexander Falls
  20. Ice Fishing
  21. Snowboard!




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