A New Adventure

If you follow me on Instagram – @BeckyBeast – (which you probably should bcz content on point, etc.) you would have seen an adorable little boomerang of my not so adorable face popping the most adorable bottle of mini Möet.


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day… also adorable, but that’s not the reason for the champers. This chick got herself what one might call, a “dream job.” Others might refer to it as a hellish nightmare, but hey to each her own, right?

I’ll be spending my summer (May-October) working my ass off for Chef Micheal Smith in P.E.I. at Inn at Bay Fortune. His adorable 14 room inn will be busy all summer long, but I’ll get to cook in part of their Fireworks team. I’ll be cooking fish, vegetables, and other local products from around the island over open flames. I’ll also be getting my hands dirty (literally), hanging around in the gardens (where 99% of the produce comes from!!) or with the animals!

I. Can’t. Wait.


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