Comeback Kids

tom brady patriots superbowl

Sports movies always make me cry. It’s the locker room pep talk that does it. You know the one I’m talking about – when they’re down by an impossible amount and they need to rally. The “is this a sport for boys, or is this a sport for men/we’re a family, act like one” meaningful moment between coach and team before an inevitable comeback.

Ummm… did we all watch the Superbowl yesterday? The awkward moment when the team favoured to win is down by 19 points? The abominable first 3 quarters that were absolutely¬†dominated by the Falcons. And then the final quarter and the first overtime in Superbowl history where the New England Patriots came back to win 34-28. The absolute best game of football I have seen in my entire 24 years (17 of them as a Patriots fan, by the way. No bandwagon fangirl here!).

I was sitting on my couch, drink in hand, yelling at the TV. I’m sure my neighbours heard my agony and excitement through every pass, every play, every sack or interception or turnover. My roommates – Falcons fans for the day – looking on in amusement. And then they did it. They won. Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, the GOAT, lead the Patriots to his 5th Superbowl victory.

Never, never, never, ever give up. Don’t listen to the people trying to bring you down. Don’t listen to the people who doubt you, who hate you for being good at what you do. Don’t doubt yourself. Work hard, and then work harder. Be good, and then get better. But never, ever give up.


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