Getting “Gilmore’d”



I’m not going to lie, I started watching the Gilmore Girls revival about 10 minutes after it was released. I watched half of the first episode before I realized that my delicate brain would not be able to handle 90 minutes of Gilmore Girls and 2 hours of sleep before a 7am shift.

Here I am, 15 hours later 3/4 through the revival, and I can’t help but to relate with Rory. Don’t worry – no spoilers, it’s everything you’ve seen in the trailers. The once self-assured, composed, go getter Rory is lost without a plan, without a clear direction, and without her underwear.

She’s 32, I’m only 24. But I can feel her pain. The struggle to find your place in this mad crazy world. I feel like I have a direction, and a plan. But what if somehow I find out I’m not good enough for this particular path. Last week I posted about Confidence, and this is exactly my issue.

I’m at a slightly pivotal point in my life right now, trying to decide how far I’m going to go in my career, how much I’m going to push, which sacrifices I’m going to make. I guess what I’m saying is I understand Rory. I understand seeing everyone around you triumph while you struggle. I understand seeing your friends establish lives and families and lay groundwork while you struggle.

I’m hoping, as always, that Gilmore Girls will remind me that through our struggles and our fears, life will have a funny way of working out. And I’m hoping that one day, I’ll ‘Gilmore’ myself.

xx B


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