Sooooo, I moved to Whistler. I’m sorry Banff, I’ve cheated on you with a different mountain (or two). I loved Banff, and I loved my job and my friends and my mountains… but it was time for a change.

So here I am! I moved in with my boyfriend, D. He’s super duper sweet, but I’m still not sure about this whole living together thing. Don’t tell him though!

Right now we’re broke AF. Seriously. Like back to this post on how much money sucks broke. Living on mr. noodles and boxes of cereal. I’ve even been drinking real milk because I can’t afford almond milk… my poor tummy.

Today we finally got wifi, and it’s so so nice to be re-connected to the world without feeling like I’m going to drop all my non-existent $$ on the world’s biggest phone bill (come at me overseas roaming charges).

I can’t wait for the snow to start falling… the mountain is supposed to be open on the 24th but it’s the 16th and the mountain looks nothing like it does in that beautiful picture. It’ll help me out sooo much, because right now I hate being broke, my job sucks…

Anyways… life rant over. I’ll be here a lot more frequently, I’m not gonna lie I might not have been blogging because my zxcv keys on my keyboard were broken… makes it a bit difficult to type in cohesive sentences.

xo B


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