Around Here.


These days have been about working hard and playing harder. I’m in love with my life right now. I have amazing friends and a killer job and am just so satisfied.

These days I’m…

Listening to the new Zedd and Kesha collab – True Colors. It’s got such a soulful vibe that EDM is often lacking, but still that grimey electronic sound I’ve grown to love from Zedd.

Drinking so much coconut water.

Reading¬†The Third Plate, by Dan Barber. I’m actually re-reading this book, but the message is so strong and wonderful that when I saw it on sale at the book store I couldn’t resist. It’s about the future of food in and out of commercial kitchens.

Dreaming about Rio.. Summer Olympics 2016! It’s getting so so close and I’m so unprepared but I’m sure it’ll all work out.. it always does!

Watching Community… again. Troy and Abed kill me, and it’s such a good show to watch with friends or while drifting off to sleep. Rapidly approaching the timeline episode (my favourite) ¬†and I can’t wait!