Money Sucks


Seriously guys, money sucks.

Like harder than a vacuum sucks. Like up an American dollar bill kinda sucks. Like the idea of ever being to afford any white stuff besides baking soda (and even the $3 box is a bit out of my price range) is so laughable I might just cry.

I know I got myself into this situation. I decided to further my education, stack up a whole ton of debt, and then I decided to jump on a plane and move across the world. I wish I could turn goon sacks and bikinis  into loan payments, but hey, thanks for the memories Australia.

I defaulted on my loans, maxed out a credit card, bought a lemon of a car that sucked up all of my money faster than a frat boy with a box of fancy baking soda. I adopted an Aussie ‘no-worries’ attitude towards my spending and it really isn’t working out for me back in Canada.

These days I’m not living in the lap of luxury. in fact quite the opposite. I’m sharing a room in my shitty little staff accom full of borderline alcoholic twenty-somethings. I work 65 hour work weeks to afford my shitty staff accom and my ‘no-worries’ loan payments and then only have a couple of dollars left to divvy up between putting food on the table, and living the #banfflife.

Most recently, I signed up for a nifty Big 3 Full Week ski pass. At a mere $1500 I know what I’m doing this winter. And it’s probably more like working my ass off to afford to eat. At my other job. Because my real life grown up job is paying for my rent and my ski pass and for my plane tickets to go home and abuse my parents internet. By the way, did I mention I haven’t bought a board/boots/bindings etc.

Soooo yeah, have I mentioned money sucks? Holla atcha girl if you’re looking for a super expensive home cooked meal.


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