Cask Days 2015

cask days

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending Cask Days in Toronto with one of my very best friends. We took the Greyhound to Toronto like the responsible young ladies we are because we were going to get fuucked uuuup. We may or may not have consumed an entire bottle of red wine on the bus and may or may not have been given a “talking to” by the bus driver who suggested we take advantage of the free wifi instead of having conversations about inappropriate things in really loud voice… #flawless.

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We hopped in a cab and made our way to Evergreen Brickworks¬†where we waited in line with a zillion other beer fanatics. We streamed the first inning of the Jays game on Cassy’s phone because when in Toronto, right?


We walked in and it was like a hipster brides’ wet dream. The exposed brick, the grafitti, managing to feel warm and cohesive with an epic industrial feel? I’m obsessed. Like was planning my imaginary wedding to my imaginary fiancee obsessed (this is why I’m single). But the organizers of Cask Days abused every inch of the space in the best 50 Shades way possible. From the mason jars we had to sample our beer, to the chalkboards on the kegs, to the carefully selected beautiful crowd (oh wait, maybe they didn’t organize that, maybe beautiful people just appreciate craft beer?).


We drank and drank and drank and watched the Jays implode and ate and giggled and drank some more. We made friends with a couple of girls dancing at the merch table, and high fived the guy battering the fried chicken. BEST fried chicken ever by the way, 100% my favorite food of the evening. We tried espresso and cognac stouts, pumpkin wheat ales, strawberry ipas, and apple sours. We skipped over the cider table because cider is for girls! (or mostly because the line was way too long).


My two critiques for Cask Days are to put lights in/near your porta potties. I had to get out my phone and I was so scared I’d lose it down the disgusting shit hole. Although I almost didn’t want to see the poo dangling from the back of the seat – seriously how does that happen – even though obviously I snapchatted it for it’s vomit-inducing but impressive staying power.

The second is to offer something to drink besides water and beer. Or to give us a little light to dark tasting guide. After a couple of accidental stouts (okay, I love beer but if you’ve got a funny name I’m probably going to drink your beer and forget to look at what kind it is. Shiny object syndrome I guess.) I needed something to lighten up my palate but was possibly a little drunk and the guy next to me suggested a dark ipa. I just felt like there was such a heaviness in all of the beers I drank, and would have loved the option to refresh with something non-alcoholic.


All in all, an absolutely wonderful evening and beautifully executed. If you have time this weekend, head to Cask Days in Toronto and check out the amazing beer, food, and venue!


Money Sucks


Seriously guys, money sucks.

Like harder than a vacuum sucks. Like up an American dollar bill kinda sucks. Like the idea of ever being to afford any white stuff besides baking soda (and even the $3 box is a bit out of my price range) is so laughable I might just cry.

I know I got myself into this situation. I decided to further my education, stack up a whole ton of debt, and then I decided to jump on a plane and move across the world. I wish I could turn goon sacks and bikinis  into loan payments, but hey, thanks for the memories Australia.

I defaulted on my loans, maxed out a credit card, bought a lemon of a car that sucked up all of my money faster than a frat boy with a box of fancy baking soda. I adopted an Aussie ‘no-worries’ attitude towards my spending and it really isn’t working out for me back in Canada.

These days I’m not living in the lap of luxury. in fact quite the opposite. I’m sharing a room in my shitty little staff accom full of borderline alcoholic twenty-somethings. I work 65 hour work weeks to afford my shitty staff accom and my ‘no-worries’ loan payments and then only have a couple of dollars left to divvy up between putting food on the table, and living the #banfflife.

Most recently, I signed up for a nifty Big 3 Full Week ski pass. At a mere $1500 I know what I’m doing this winter. And it’s probably more like working my ass off to afford to eat. At my other job. Because my real life grown up job is paying for my rent and my ski pass and for my plane tickets to go home and abuse my parents internet. By the way, did I mention I haven’t bought a board/boots/bindings etc.

Soooo yeah, have I mentioned money sucks? Holla atcha girl if you’re looking for a super expensive home cooked meal.