7 Weird and Wondeful Festivals in America

I love festivals. A bunch of people getting together to celebrate.. something. Because it’s the fourth of July, I figured we should talk about some of the greatest (and weirdest) festivals in good ol ‘Murica.

1. Eeyore’s Birthday Party Austin, Texas 

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Austin, Texas, April 25, 2015.

2. San Fermin in Nueva Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana


3. Garlic Festival Gilroy, California

garlic festival

4. The Dance Mile Portland, Maine

dance mile

5. Peirogi Fest Whiting, Indiana

mr peirogi and friends

6. Ice Cream Festival Austin, Texas

ice cream festival

7. Bagel Festival Monticello, New York


PS, check out this totally awesome and hilarious Buzzfeed post, perfectly appropriate for celebrating the USA


Best Month Ever Bucketlist

I may have forgotten to mention that July is the best month ever. The weather is hot, ladies in daisy dukes are hotter, fruit is ripe and juicy, and sexy men go shirtless. By the way, it’s my birthday month. #fuckyeah

So even though I’m home in bed sick with mono (boo, you whore) it’s still July, therefore it’s the best month EVER. Which means I’m going to make a super rad checklist for this month of badassery.

best month ever bucket list

If you’re ever hanging out in Banff, send me an email and let’s check some things off my list!

5 Must See Spots in Banff National Park

Happy Canada Day friends! As much as I wish I was sitting by the river in Banff drinking beers with some of my favourite people in the whole wide world, I’m stuck at home sick with mono. So instead of enjoying my beautiful day, I’ll celebrate my country by sharing 5 of my favourite spots in the beautiful Banff National Park!

1. Johnston Canyonjohnston canyon

2. Moraine Lakemoraine lake

3. Peyto Lakepeyto lake

4. Sulphur Mountainsulphur mount

5. Vermillion Lakes

vermillion lakes