It’s Gonna Be May

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Holy moly it’s been an age and a half since I last blogged. Life has been so many shades of wonderful and exciting with a pinch of bat-shit-crazy thrown in there for good measure.

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I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the past month living in Banff. I went on a little bit of a wild streak, climbed a couple mountains, met a nice boy (or two), and have been absolutely working my ass off trying to gain respect in the kitchen. I’m barely on the internet these days, especially since my staff internet is garbage, but hanging out at the Frenchman’s house gives me some download time which is nice. It’s funny how little screen time I have these days, every day just seems like an adventure!

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I think my favourite part about living in staff accom is always having friends close by. Be it going to the staff caf (Robo) to grab something to eat or a coffee, catching the bus into town, or just cuddling hungover with my girls there’s barely any alone time. It’s hard because sometimes a girl just wants to curl up with Gone Girl and a cup of tea and not gossip about who did what (or who), but for the most part it’s amazing being surrounded by such a loving group of humans.

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Work has been crazy and definitely a roller coaster, sometimes I feel like I’m nailing it and other times I feel like every dessert I plate will be my last. Maybe that’s being slightly dramatic but I’ve copped my fair share of tounge lashings in the past month for my fair share of mistakes. Over the years I’ve learned to own up to my mistakes and take responsibility for them, and thenĀ never let them happen again. So far that’s working well, but only time will tell.

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I joined the library and finally have Alberta Health and an Alberta drivers license, just in time for possibly the worst/most embarrassing cut ever. I was sharpening my knife, spaced out, and quickly came back to Earth when I realized I had a KNIFE IN MY FINGER. After bleeding for what felt like forever *it was a solid 45 minutes* they called security Steve who decided I should go to the hospital. Cheers, Steve… An embarrassing car ride from the concierge, a quick and mostly painless trip to the emergency room, and zero stitches or glue I headed back up to The Rimrock where I was told to take the night off work. Sweet.

So that about sums it up, life in the mountains has been crazy amazing and is only going to get better as the weather gets warmer… and then colder again! Bring on summer!