Overwhelmed and Excited

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This week has been an absolute roller coaster to the moon. As you know, I accepted a job at Eden at the Rimrock Hotel. I’ll post a few photos here and there, but this will probably be the last time I talk about my job because I signed a million forms at my orientation saying I would keep my mouth shut about the inner workings of the hotel. I will say that the restaurant is incredible, the view from my room is amazing, one of my roommate is so much fun, and the other I still haven’t met, and I am so ridiculously excited about the months to come. I have to go through staff hallways, take staff elevators, never to be seen which is totally fine with me. I just wish they handed out a map in orientation! This week has been full of new friends, new information, new place to live, new job. I’m just hoping to upgrade to new Becky to take it all in! It’s been so good to be with my two best friends again, and I’ve been making so many new friends! Everyone seems so nice and friendly, I just wish everyone wore their work nametags all the time so I could figure out who anyone was! I’m hopefully going to be a bit less absent this week, I’m settled into my accommodation and I’ve got my schedule set out. Yay routine! I’m so excited about all the possibilities, life is really great. 🙂


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