Hey, What’s Up!

kimmy gif

Everything about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and these gifs that are actually life these days.

Everything about Ainsley & Sebastian, especially their epic skate park engagement shoot, their rad Vegas wedding, and the most badass Bali anniversary shoot. Seriously. Give me her hair and her body and a man with his beard and tattoos!

The most perfect USA road trip, this hits me on so many levels – my type A organizer side and my love of travelling. Saving this one (along with a whole lotta pennies) for a rainy day!

Learning and preparing how to book a prebook for Holy Ship! with my beautiful girl Caryn. Checking off things on the bucket list!

Dying a little inside because I’m going to be working at a place where you can order a “Grand Dégustation” for $546. I know. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor too.

A big mushy happy birthday to one of my favourite people and best friends in the whole entire world who happens to be my ex boyfriend. I’m so glad you’re still in my life.


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