Exciting News!

I’ve been waiting to post about this for a while but I wanted to wait until things were all neatly squared away before I made a big announcement. I’ve been pinching myself and crossing my fingers and toes (and holding my thumbs!) because I was sure things were going to fall through. I was convinced things were going to fall through and I was going to left sad, disappointed and a crumbled shell of a woman. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, right!

Okay, after all that hype, do a mental drum roll for me….

I got a job at Eden, a 5 diamond restaurant in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 


I am beyond thrilled. The most thrilled. And oh-my-god so terrified. It’s such a nerve wrecking idea, that in a few short weeks I will be packing up my entire life (again), saying goodbye to my friends and family (again), and heading across the country to peruse my dreams (again).


I’m insanely excited about living in the mountains again – they’re so majestic and amazing and seriously if you’ve never taken a trip to Banff, get on it! I’m filled with this sense of accomplishment, a restaurant of that caliber wants me to work there. They do tweezer food, people! I can’t wait to put on a fresh jacket and walk into the kitchen for the first time. I can’t wait to make my first big mistake, just to get it over with. I especially can’t wait for the first time the chef praises me and my confidence grows just a touch.


I’m so nervous, I want to make the best impression possible. I want to be perfect right off the bat. I want to never make mistakes and be able to do things more quickly and efficiently than I ever have before. I want to never stumble or get confused. I want to have the knowledge and the skill they expect of me. I want to be great.


I know I keep saying it, but I’m just so excited for this new adventure. To work somewhere putting out food I can be proud of. To push myself to be a better chef. To explore new sides of myself. To give 110% and in turn build the confidence in myself I’ve always been lacking.


I will make mistakes, I will stumble, but I will always get back up and keep going. I will be great!


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