44 Shades of F%!k This

**Warning, if you couldn’t already tell, I’m about to say fuck a lot.**

middle finger

Today was the worst fucking day. It wasn’t actually all that bad but there were moments where the only word running through my head was “fuck.” Fuck doing dishes. Fuck wet clothes. Fuck getting stuck with all the shit fucking jobs. Fuck my teeth for having thin fucking enamel. Fuck my eyes for being slightly better and slightly worse than last time I was at the doctor. Fuck not having insurance or benefits. Fuck $400 lenses in way too expensive frames. Fuck the dentist. Fuck root canals. Fuck fucking expensive pain killers that don’t even fucking work. Fuck the Canadian cold. Fuck forgetting my scarf. Fuck the wind blowing fucking ice in my face. Fuck bad drivers and slippery sidewalks. Fuck my stupid Windows phone. Fuck not having money for any of the things I need, let alone the things I want. Fuck student loans. Fuck fucking off student loans and fuck fucking debt collectors. Fuck Guelph public transit. Fuck Boston Pizza waitress chick for judging me for eating alone. Fuck chafing dishes that give me bruises. Fuck polishing cutlery, or fucking anything for that matter. Fuck shirts that ride up, fuck jeans that fall down. Fuck long days, fuck heavy bags. Fuck people who request the library books I’ve taken out so I can’t fucking renew them. Fuck it being to fucking cold to do anything. Fuck not having a car. Fuck this, that and the other thing. Fuck it all.


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