To Tinder, or Not To Tinder


If you follow me on Instagram you would have come across this charming photo of a Tinderfella who wanted to do some dirty things with my hair.


I’ve been on Tinder for approximately 2 weeks and have talked to 1 guy who didn’t make me want to throw up (and he was boring as fuck). I don’t go on it or check it obsessively, I don’t think I’ve played the addictive and judgemental swipey game in a week and although the comments can be amusing when I’m in a good mood, they’re depressing and degrading when I’m not.


Tinder is like the black hole of bad dates and awkward encounters… not that I’ve actually had any of the above. As a recently single and still moderately heart broken young woman Tinder seems to be the way to go, right? Swipe right for a good time! Flirt with strangers who could be cat fishing you or also just straight up creeps! Does ANYONE actually meet nice people on Tinder?


Maybe it’s the right way to go. Get out there, have some fun, make some friends and connections and have some better stories and life experiences than just what was on Netflix. Maybe I’ll give this Tinder thing a try.

xx B


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