Completed // 2

As part of my word of the year, complete, I’ve decided to share my weekly progress. I’ve got a big ol list of goals (100, to be exact) and a couple of them are pretty lofty. If I’ve learned anything from my favourite goal masters it’s that you have to break things down into little bite sized chunks and eat them up one at a time.  Here’s to getting shit done!

Completed // 2

2/2015 km Completed
Books Read
0/10 kg Lost*
3/7 Journal Entries
2/52 Art Journal Pages Completed
2/52 Yoga
2/52 Unplugged
0/44 Classic French Meals Cooked
1/52 Date Nights
1 Day Without Fast Food
16 Days Zero Inbox
4 Days Being On Time
0/100 Goals Achieved

This week was crazy. There was so much drinking and maybe a little Maccas and a million and a half goodbyes to my same best friend. Zana and I came to Australia together nearly 2 years ago, and even when we’ve been on different sides of the country it’s still been comforting to know I’ve got a friend. She has now moved back to Canada to continue her adventures in Banff (with our other great friend Chelsea), but this week was all about celebration and “lasts.” We actually ended up going on a super last minute (like decided and on the road at 2AM last minute) road trip to Sydney to send her off at the airport. It was tons of fun! I’m super jealous she gets to go home and be around familiar things, I’m in love with Australia but I’ve been super homesick lately. I’m still falling behind on achieving my goals, but this morning I sat down to focus and really take the time to figure out how I’m going to accomplish everything I want to do. Baby steps, right?

xx B

*I actually don’t know this week because the silly scale is out of batteries!


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