Today sucked. Completely in the traditional “everything is out to get me” today sucks kinda way. Being currently unemployed, I’m a bit less than productive, which seems silly because I’ve got unlimited time. The boyfriend’s momma asked me if I could bake some sweet treats for their fruit shop and I happily obliged. However, I didn’t know that I would stay up late watching too many episodes of Veronica Mars, have to get up too early, burn my cookies, put too much nutmeg in my zucchini loaf and completely and totally lose my shit. I had a full on melt down over what the fuck I was doing with my life along with why couldn’t I succeed at anything and why oh why was the boyfriend being so insensitive. (He really wasn’t, I was “projecting”). Then some random numbers kept calling me which just jacked up my anxiety to an all time high and then my head started pounding and I just wanted to lay down and sleep forever. I had a good cry, cracked a bottle of red, and sat down to think. I just need to stop worrying so much – easier said than done, right?

xx B


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