100 Things To Do In 2015

Have you heard of Leonie Dawson? She’s this magical business guru/genie in an Aussie bottle who wants you and me to achieve our wildest wildest dreams and become unicorns. Unicorns can’t fly, I can’t fly, therefore I am a unicorn. Logic.

100 things

From recommendations all over the internet I downloaded her life/biz eworkbook and have been slowly filling it out. It’s NYW (New Year Week) people, I’m not late to the party at all. In 2015 I do what I want. One of the many inspiring exercises is to make a list of 100 Things to do in 2015. As part of my word of the year, complete, I am going to be accountable and share my list and my accomplishments (and failures!).

  1. Run/Swim/Walk/Bike 2015 kms
  2. Get a job at an amazing restaurant
  3. Art journal every week
  4. Journal every day
  5. Use social media, don’t let it use me
  6. Unplug once a week
  7. Join a club
  8. Take a class
  9. Run a Spartan Race
  10. Go on vacation
  11. Sew a quilt
  12. Knit a sweater
  13. Read 52 Books
  14. Do something crazy with my hair
  15. Do the Low FODMAP Diet
  16. Write a lot of snail mail
  17. Cook these 44 Classic French Meals
  18. Make money from a hobby
  19. Decorate my home
  20. Do a capsule wardrobe
  21. Write a book
  22. Find my signature scent
  23. Find the perfect red lipstick
  24. Eat locally and seasonally
  25. Finish Insanity
  26. Cut out all fast food
  27. Get entirely checked out by a doctor
  28. Get invisalign
  29. Zero Inbox
  30. Be on time
  31. Launch Mise En Place box
  32. Start a podcast
  33. Cook through an entire cookbook
  34. Give food to a homeless person
  35. Make a GoPro video
  36. Take a photo a day
  37. Learn a new language
  38. Ride a motorcycle
  39. Have sex somewhere crazy
  40. Buy matching bra and panties
  41. Have weekly date nights
  42. Write a rap
  43. Create a YouTube channel
  44. Don’t waste time
  45. Give more hugs
  46. Find a cause I’m passionate about and volunteer my time
  47. Run in a sanctioned race
  48. Buy a DSLR
  49. ^ Learn how to use it
  50. Go golfing
  51. Pretend to be someone else
  52. Buy a car
  53. Drink the perfect cup of coffee
  54. Dance in the rain
  55. Don’t touch a single cigarette
  56. Get a new tattoo
  57. Go to a midnight release
  58. Go skydiving
  59. See a 3rd world country
  60. Go to a church
  61. Learn something new
  62. Sleep naked
  63. Go skinny dipping
  64. Solve a rubiks cube
  65. Get a pedicure
  66. Get something pierced
  67. Take head shots
  68. Watch the sunset
  69. Watch the sunrise
  70. Fulfill a fantasy
  71. Curl my hair
  72. Stick to a budget
  73. Have an amazing birthday
  74. Celebrate loved ones
  75. Host a party
  76. Start a supper club
  77. Go Dancing
  78. Learn to surf
  79. Shop in Op Shops
  80. Buy expensive shoes
  81. ^ Wear them somewhere worth it
  82. Develop a secret recipe
  83. High Five a stranger
  84. Take street photos a la Humans of New York
  85. See something incredible
  86. Save a life
  87. Start a celebrity chef signed photo collection
  88. Buy a classic cookbook
  89. Perfect all the mother sauces
  90. Eat lobster on the beach
  91. Go fishing
  92. Go on a fancy boat
  93. Climb a mountain
  94. Go to a festival
  95. Go ice skating
  96. Eat breakfast for dinner
  97. Do brunch with my best friends
  98. Learn how to do my eyebrows perfectly
  99. Frame a photo
  100. Do yoga once a week

Just a couple of easy things, but I have a positive outlook on the next year! Bring it on!

xx B


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