I Complete Me

Have you heard the word, the bird complete is the word (of 2015).


I’m sick of all this needing someone else to complete you bullsh*t. I’m allowed to complete myself, homeboy. But in order to do that I need to wade through the mountains of garbage and self worth issues that are holding me back from being someone I can love. I want to fall in love myself, I want to be the Jerry to my own Dorothy, the Jack to my Rose, my very own personal cliche.

I want to finish something I start. I want to see something through. I want to decide on a deadline and reach it. I want to push myself to finish projects, do things that scare me, check off my resolutions one by one. Write it down once, twice, a million times, but make it stick.

Complete, complete, complete.

xx B

PS, if you need a little extra inspiration, check out this amazing video by everyone’s fave astronaut, Col Chris Hadfield.


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